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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Company level Admin tool. 

Recent Changes

'Sub Job' Added as a Configurable Field on Configurable Fieldsets for RFIs (03/18/2021)

When creating or updating configurable fieldsets for the project's RFIs tool, users with the appropriate permissions on the Company level Admin tool can now choose to make the Sub Job field hidden or visible to users who create an RFI in one or more projects. See Create New Configurable Fieldsets and Which fields in the RFIs tool can be configured as required, optional, or hidden?

Create Custom Fields and Custom Sections for RFIs (02/22/2021)

Procore has added the ability to create custom fields in the Company level Admin tool for the project's RFIs tool. These custom fields function like other fields in Procore and can be included in reports in the Company and Project level Reports tools. See Create New Custom Fields. In addition to custom fields, Procore has added the ability to create custom sections for the project's RFIs tool. Custom sections allow you to group custom fields together in one or more separate, user-defined sections. Custom sections are displayed below an RFI's 'General Information' section. See Create Custom Sections.

Create Custom Sections for Correspondence Tool (01/28/2021)

The Correspondence tool now supports custom sections that can be created at the company admin level when modifying a fieldset and adding custom fields. A custom section is a separate grouping of 1 or more custom fields. The section name is defined by the user and is respected on web, export PDF and mobile.

Company Level Embedded Experiences (01/22/2021)

Embedded Experiences allow users to access partner applications - all without ever leaving Procore. Now, integrated applications displaying company-level information, like a company level reporting dashboard, are available without having to navigate to a specific project in Procore. Saving users time and providing helpful project insights when you need it most. See Launch an Embedded App in a Company for additional information.

Additional Custom Field Types for Observations Tool (01/20/2021)

Users can now select from following field types when creating custom fields for the project's Observations tool: Company, Project Directory User (Single Select), and Tool User (Single Select). See Create New Custom Fields.

Previous Changes