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Below are the notable changes to the project's Incidents tool in 2019.

Action Fieldsets and Field Options for Incidents (11/19/2019)

Users wirh 'Admin' level permissions on the Company level Admin tool can now configure fieldsets for Incident actions and create field options for 'Action Type'. See Which fields in the Incidents tool can be configured as required, optional, or hidden? and Add Custom Options for Incident Fields.

Add Actions to Incidents and Create Observations from Actions (11/19/2019)

Users can now record actions taken resulting from an incident. Users with the appropriate permissions on the Observations tool can also create an observation directly from an incident action. See Add an Action to an Incident.

Add Multiple Body Parts Affected to Injury/Illness Records (11/6/2019)

Users can now select one or more body parts affected by an injury or illness sustained in an incident. See Add an Injury/Illness Record to an Incident.

Enhancements to Incident Records and Witness Statements (11/4/2019)

Incident records (including injury/illness records, near miss records, environmental records, and property damage records) and witness statements can now only be created after an incident is created. Adding information for an incident record or a witness statement is now done in a side panel. See Create an Incident.

Added 'Recordable' Checkbox to Incidents and Injury/Illness Records (8/16/2019)

Incidents and Injury/Illness records now have checkboxes to identify them as 'Recordable.' This update is designed to satisfy recordkeeping and recording requirements.

Added a New Granular Permission for Creating Reference Users to Permission Templates (6/28/2019)

Procore has added a new granular permission in the Directory category of the permission templates feature (see Grant Granular Permissions in a Permission Template) named 'Create Reference Users (Only Applicable if Timesheets or Incidents is Enabled)' to work with the project's Incidents tool.  This works with another granular permission which Procore had previously released 'Update Reference Users (Only Applicable if Timesheets or Incidents is Enabled)' for use with the project's Timesheets tool. See What is a 'reference user' and which project tools support the concept?

Add Witness Statements to an Incident (6/28/2019)

Procore has updated the Incidents tool with the ability to add one or more witness statements to an incident. When a safety incident occurs on a job site, part of the incident investigation process involves collecting statements from witnesses. A witness statement is used to better understand what happened, why it happened, and how similar incidents can be prevented from occurring in the future. See Add a Witness Statement to an Incident.

Added New Filing Type Options to Injury Records (6/4/2019)

Procore has added new Filing Type options for injury records in the Incidents tool. In addition to the existing options, you can now also select First Aid, Medically Treated, Lost Time, and Fatality. See Add an Injury Record to an Incident.

Add Environmental and Property Damage Records to an Incident (6/2/2019)

Procore released an update to the project's Incidents tool to provide users with the ability to add both environmental and property damage records to an incident. These new record options are in addition to the existing options (i.e., Injury/Illness and Near Miss) and will appear in the 'Add Record' drop-down list. See Incidents: New! Add Environmental and Property Damage Records to an Incident.

New Fieldsets and Field Options for Incidents (4/4/2019) 

Procore now provides users with 'Admin' level permission on the Company level Admin tool with the ability to configure fieldsets and field options for the Incidents tool. To learn more, see About Configured Incidents Fieldsets and Field Options.

Removed Sidebar and Updated the Project Level Configuration Page (3/7/2019) 

Updated the project's Inspections tool to remove the sidebar. Settings options have been moved above the template list.