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Below are the notable changes to the Company level Documents tool in 2020.

Visual Update for Document Search Results (09/16/2020) 

The Documents tool has been updated with an enhanced experience for searching and filtering documents. The updated interface is now consistent with the rest of the tool and offers a more intuitive way of finding documents. Search results now display a total count of terms that match your search, and those matches are highlighted in the file or folder name. In addition, the export button for exporting search results has been updated to match the export icon used in other areas of the tool. See Search for and Filter Company Level Documents.

Bulk Upload New Versions of Files (03/31/2020) 

As a follow-up to the Documents tool visual redesign, you can now upload new versions of files in bulk. When uploading files to a folder, Procore will list any files that already exist with the same name. You can then select whether to upload each file as a new version or rename them. See Upload Files or Folders to the Company Level Documents Tool and Upload a New Version of a File in the Company Level Documents Tool.

Visual Redesign of the Documents Tool (02/26/2020) 

The Documents tool at the Project and Company level has been redesigned with a new layout. The new design offers several improvements and new features. See Documents: Visual Redesign of the Documents Tool.

This release also includes an integration with Microsoft® Office 365® that allows users to open and edit files from the Documents tool. See Open and Edit a File in Microsoft Office 365 Using the Documents Tool and How does the Office 365 integration in Procore's Documents Tool work?