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Below are notable changes for the Company level Documents tool in 2019.

Added 'Activity' Tab to File Viewer in the Documents Tool (6/4/2019)

A new 'Activity' tab has been added to the file viewer in the Project and Company level Documents tools. This tab shows the version and download log, associated emails, and change history for the file. See View a Document (Project Level) or View a Document (Company Level).

Manage and Set Tags for a File in the Documents Tool (4/4/2019)  

Users can now manage and set tags on files stored in the Documents tool. See Manage and Set Tags for a File.

Contextual Search with Documents Files (4/4/2019)  

Users can now search the text of files within the Documents tool. This is supported in PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, CSV, and DWG file formats. It is NOT supported on password-protected files. See Search for and Apply Filters to a Project's Documents.

Updated Process for Uploading Files and Creating Folders (02/27/2019)

The Documents tool has been redesigned with a more streamlined process for adding files and folders. The modernized upload process allows for more reliable uploads for larger files, and will allow for upcoming improvements. Additionally, having file uploads and folder creation accessible from the same drop-down menu at the top of the page offers a more consistent and intuitive user experience. See Documents: Updated Process for Uploading Files and Creating Folders.

Removed Sidebar on the Documents Page (01/09/2019)  

Moved the elements in the sidebar to the top of the page and removed the right sidebar altogether on the Documents page.