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This page lists the notable changes for the Project level Bidding tool in 2016.

Added 'Send Correspondences' Bulk Action Feature To Bid List (12/29/2016)

Updated the Bidding tool to add a 'Send Correspondences' option to the Bulk Action feature. Now, users with 'Admin' level permissions can select vendors and/or groupings of vendors on the Bid List page and send correspondences to those selected vendors.

Added Links To Vendor Names In The Bid List (12/21/2016)

Updated the Bidding tool to add links to vendor names in the Bid List. Now, users with 'Admin' level permissions to the Company Directory can click a vendor's name in the Bid List and have the vendor's 'Bidder Info' tab in the Company Directory open in a new browser tab. The vendor links do not appear for users without 'Admin' level permissions to the Company Directory.

Added Filters To The Bidding Tool's Activity Logs (12/5/2016)

Updated the Bidding tool to add filters for bidder Activity Logs. Users with access to the Activity Log are now able to filter by one or more of the following actions: Status Change, Downloads, Notes, and Emails.

Added Hyperlinks To Select Requisition Statuses (11/18/2016)

Added links to requisition statuses on the Billing Statuses page. If a requisitions' status is "No Billing Recipients", then the status will link to the contracts Advanced Settings Page. If a Requisition status is Draft, Revise and Resubmit, Under Review, Pending Owner Approval, Approved as Noted, or Approved, then the status will link to the associated requisition.

Now Including Bid List Notes In Activity Log (11/18/2016)

Updated the Bidding tool's Activity Log to include tracking of Bid List Notes. The Activity Log now records when a note is created, updated, or deleted.

Added Activity Log To Vendor Bid Sheets (11/14/2016)

Updated the Bidding tool to add a new Activity Log feature as a View an Activity Log subtab under a vendor's Bid Sheet. The Activity Log records the following actions: Bid status changes; Bid document downloads; Bid note changes; and sending of Bid invitations, correspondence and emails. The subtab and page are only visible to users with 'Admin' level permissions to the Bidding tool. See View an Activity Log.

Bid Package Subtab Now The Default View For Bid Packages (10/31/2016)

Updated the Bidding tool to change the default subtab for Bid Packages from the 'Package' subtab to the 'Bid List' subtab. The new subtab order is now: 'Bid List', 'Package', 'Correspondence', 'Download Log', and 'Change History'. When a user performs actions, such as searching for and inviting bidders, they will be directed back to the 'Bid List' subtab. The one exception to this rule is when creating or editing a bid package, in which case users will be directed back to the 'Package' subtab.

Added A 'Notes' Column And Add Window To The Bid List (10/6/2016)

Updated the Bidding tool's Bid List to include a 'Notes" column. Users with 'Admin' level permissions can also now create, edit, and delete notes using a new popup window. Users with 'Standard' level permissions who are included in the 'Distribution List' for a Bid Package can also now view the notes. This update also included CSV and PDF export functionality for notes. 

Updated The Bid List (8/26/2016)

Updated the new Bid List to now include pagination, advanced filter options, and the ability to group rows, all of which will be reflected in PDF and CSV reports. See Filter and Group the Bid List.

Added Branding Options For Emails Sent From Bidding Tool (7/2/2016)

Updated the Bidding tool's Configure Bidding Settings page to include branding choices for the 'Invitation to Bid' and 'Correspondence' bidding emails. Now, 'Admin' users can select who they want those emails to appear to be sent from. The new choices are: 'Company', 'Project Office', and 'Project Office Division' (if Divisions are enabled by a Superuser). Current companies and projects will have 'Company' selected by default, and users will have the option to update the company default and push to all projects or update projects individually.

No Longer Automatically Adding Bid Invitees To Default Bid Invitee List (5/25/2016)

Fixed an issue where invitees to the bidding process were automatically being added to the 'Default Bid Invitee List' in the vendor's profile in the Company Directory under the Bidder Info subtab. This will no longer occur. 

Added Trades Column to Bid List PDF Exports (5/16/2015)

Updated the Bidding tool to add the 'Trades' column so it is now included in the PDF export from the Bid List subtab of the Bid Package page.

Remove Bidders From Distribution Lists When Reinviting A Bidder (5/13/2016)

Updated the Bidding tool, so that when clicking Reinvite on the Bid List subtab of a Bid Package, you can click a Red 'x' next to other bidders and remove the from the Distribution List.

Updated Bidding Packages To Display Attachments (4/5/2016)

Updated the Bidding tool to enhance the user interface for bidding packages. Packages now display the 'Discipline' for the attached drawing set and the 'Division' of the attached specification set.

Resized The Invite/Reinvite Buttons In Bidding Tool (3/17/2016)

Updated the Project level Bidding tool to make the "invite" and "reinvite" buttons the same size.

Fixed Bidding Tool Keyword Search Issue (3/3/2016)

Updated the Project level Bidding tool to fix an issue where users who were attempting to search bidders by trade using the keyword search were not able to see vendors associated with those trades in the results.

Removed Convert To Contract Button From Some ERP-Integrated Bid Sheets (2/29/2016)

Updated the Project level Bidding tool to no longer show the Convert to Contract button on a Bid Sheet if the project is integrated with an ERP system that does not use Categories/Line Item Types. 

Added Security When Blind Bidding Enabled On Bid Package (1/21/2016)

Added security to the Project level Bidding tool to ensure that when the Enable Blind Bidding check box is selected on a bid package (see Create a Bid Package), users assigned 'Admin' and 'Standard' level permissions will not be able to view pricing data in the bid package's Change History subtab or in the 'Bid Amount' column on the bid list page until the assigned 'Due Date/Time' has passed. This helps to ensure that users do not not have access to competitive bidding data they should not have permission to see, which limits the temptation to manipulate their own bids on projects. See What is Blind Bidding?