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 Below are the notable changes to the project's Bidding tool in 2018.

Recent Changes

Redesigned Search for Bidders Page (12/21/2018)

Redesigned the Bidding tool's Search for Bidders page to improve the process of adding bidders to your bid package's bid list. 

Added Cost Codes to Filters in Bidders Search (12/11/2018) 

Updated the Project Level Bidding tool to allow users to filter the Bidders Search table with multiple cost codes. 

Updated Name to Email Address in the Email Column of Bid List CSV Export (12/3/2018)

Updated the Bid Recipient Email List column in the Bid List CSV export to display the recipients' email addresses instead of name.

Attach Individual Files to the Bid Package (11/27/2018)

Added the ability to upload individual bid documents, drawings, and specs to your bid package.

Moved Sidebar Buttons and Filters to Top of Page (10/17/2018) 

Updated the Bidding tool to remove the sidebar. The button and filters have been moved to the top of the page.

Added a Specifications Log PDF to the Bidding Tool's ZIP (10/16/2018) 

Updated the Bidding tool to add a Specifications Log PDF for newly attached or updated Bid Documents. The Specifications Log PDF is automatically included in 'Bidding Documents' zip downloads, and able to be downloaded through the Bid Package show pages (hyperlink titled "List of attached folders").

Increased Number of Bidders Displayed on Bid List (9/6/2018) 

Updated the Project level Bidding tool to increase the number of bidders displayed on the Bid List to 150.

Added Alert Banner to Bid Package Creation (8/22/2018) 

Added an alert banner to the Create Bid Package process to notify users when a project is not in the bidding phase.

Added Link to Support Site Documentation to Bidding Instructions (8/24/2018) 

Added a link to the Project level Bidding tool's support site documentation in the Bidding Instructions that appear when you create a new bid package.

Updated 'Download Bid Documents' Links (8/20/2018) 

Updated all of the 'Download Bidding Documents' links so they are now labeled consistently as 'Download Bid Documents.'

Added 'Last Activity' Column And 'Activity Log' Modal To Bid List (5/15/2018)

Updated the Bidding tool to add a 'Last Activity' column with an 'Activity Log' modal to the Bid List. Also updated the Bid List alert banners to use the new Core component.

Added Ability To Search The Bid List (5/11/2018) 

Updated the Bidding tool's Bid List to add 'Search' functionality for company and recipient name

Admins Can Now Convert Bids to Purchase Orders (5/7/2018)

Updated the Bidding tool to allow Bid Admins to convert bids to Purchase Orders.

Increased Default Number of Vendors for Bid Invites (4/17/2018)

Updated the Bidding tool to increase the default number of vendors in the invite review pages from 50 bidders per page to 250 bidders per page.

Added Options To Bulk Actions Menu in Bid List (4/17/2018)

Updated the Bidding tool to add 'Select All' and 'Deselect All' options in the Bulk Actions menu on the Bid List.

Updated the Custom Bidding Report (4/10/2018)

Updated the Company and Project level Reports tool to add the 'Bid Package Status' column to the custom Bidding report. Also updated the values for the 'Submission Status' column to read 'Submitted' and 'Not Submitted.'

Authorized Bidder Checkbox in Add Filter Menu Now Enabled by Default (4/9/2018)

Updated the Bidding tool to update the 'Authorized Bidder?` checkbox in the Add Filter menu so it is enabled by default in the Search for Bidders page.

Added Auto-Formatting to Bid Amounts for Bidding Tool (2/22/2018)

Previously, when a user was entering their bid amounts on a bid sheet in the Bidding tool, the amount field would not format with commas and decimals as the amounts were entered. Now, these amounts will be automatically formatted with commas and decimals as the user enters them. See Bidding: Automatically Apply Current Format to Bid Amount.