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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the company's Timecard tool. 

Recent Changes

Updated Permissions for Company Level Timecard Tool (11/16/2020)

Users with 'Standard' level permissions on the Company level Timecard tool can now and delete their own timecard entries. To learn more, see Edit a Timecard Entry, and Delete a Timecard Entry. This is consistent with the required user permissions in Create a Timecard Entry. It also matches how users interact with time entries in other Procore tools (for example, My Time, Timesheets, and the Daily Log). 

API Support for 'Timesheet Hours' Column in Budget Views (10/4/2020)

For companies not using Procore's Field Productivity tools, you can now develop your own custom or third-party custom integration for inputting your timecard entries into Procore. Your custom integration can input your entries to Procore's Timecard tool using the API, which enables you to view timecard entries in the 'Timesheet Hours' column of a budget view. See Can we import our third-party timecard entries to work with the 'Timesheet Hours' column in Procore's Budget tool?

All Changes