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Below are the notable changes to the company's Planroom tool in 2018.

Updated the Planroom File Expiration Tooltip (12/11/2018) 

Updated the Project level Planroom tool to update a tooltip in the bid submission page that informs users if any of their attachment uploads have expired.

Added Success Message to Confirm Submitted Bids for Subcontractors (9/7/2018) 

Updated the Company level Planroom tool so that now, when a subcontractor submits a bid for the first time on a bid package, a 'Success' confirmation appears.

Disabled Bid Docs Button (8/22/2018) 

Disabled the Bid Docs button in the Project level Planroom tool if there are no bid documents attached to the bid package.

Updated Planroom View for Subcontractor's Invited to Bid (8/24/2018) 

Updated the subcontractor's view of the Planroom so bids that subcontractors are invited to will not appear in their Planroom until the bid invite has been sent to them.

Updated Planroom Experience (8/9/2018)

Procore redesigned the Planroom tool and enhanced it by allowing bidders to now add a scope of work, delete cost codes that are not part of the original scope of work, and save their bid sheet information for later.